Gourmet Flavours

We focus on providing our clients only the freshest products from around the world.

Special Oils

The taste, the aroma and the natural ingredients of olive oils are kept unaltered.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of olive oil are unrivaled, and research reveals new every day.

Extraordinary Taste

We produce every day the extraordinary just-pressed organic olive oil.


What We Do

Olive Oil with GOLD Edible Flakes

Olive Oil with GOLD Edible Flakes

Olive oil, Combined with 24-carat pure gold, is an explosive mixture of rejuventation, bodily well-being and prevention of different forms of...

Olive Oil with SILVER Edible Flakes

Olive Oil with SILVER Edible Flakes

Extra Virgin Olive oil with pure Edible Silver flakes together, constitute a Youth and Longevity Elixir that should be present in all quality...



Various Mixes of Thyme honey with Gold & Silver flakes, Cannaby seeds, Cinnamon, Organic and Classic helps efficiently Human metabolism and...


Our Honey Story

Cannabis Seeds
Gold & Silver Flakes
Acts against inflammations and coughing, has calming attributes and helps in the combat against gynecological diseases and diseases of the upper respiratory system.
Cannabis seeds, are rich in proteins that are necessary for human body development, contain calcium, sodium, iron, vitamins B, A, E, D in such quantities that can almost cover all huan dietary needs.
Mixing of edible gold with  edible silver and pure thyme honey, creates a quality product of weelness and longevity.
Pure thyme honey with Gold flakes

Honey Classic
Honey with Cannabis Seeds
Honey with Gold & Silver Flakes
Honey with Gold

The poetry of olives and the luxury of gold is an inspiration with health benefits

Extra Virgin

Olive Cretan oil comes from unadulterated oil production only, and is of higher quality.

New Harvest

Harvest oil is dedicated to providing you high quality ultra premium olive oils and vinegar from Crete Greece.

Original Taste

The taste, the aroma and the natural ingredients of cretan olive oils are kept unaltered.

A Delicate Blend

A delicate blending operation is required to ensure our  cretan olive oil has a perfect balance.

High Quality

A high quality extra virgin olive oil from crete is perfect as a condiment for fish, meat and vegetables.

Organic Only

We produce high quality organic cretan olive oil because we use only eco-friendly products.


New Products

Olive Oil With Silver Edible Flakes


Olive Oil With Gold  Edible Flakes


Honey with Gold & Silver flakes


Honey thyme with Cannabis Seeds

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Passion For Quality

We love what we do and how we do! We put our care, quality and passion into
creating our products. Our passion pushes us to continually craft the
freshest cretan olive oil.

Olive Oil with Gold & Silver Edible Flakes.

A true elixir of Youth and Longevity.