Olive Oil with SILVER Edible Flakes

Olive Oil with SILVER Edible Flakes

Olive culture dates back to the Neolithic era (7000-3500 B.C. ) and was first cultivated in South Crete, where the olive oil you are holding originates from.

Olive oil is by nature rich in antioxidants and Omega 3 and was the main ingredient in Minoan nutrition. Up to present time, it still remains the main ingredient in Cretan and Mediterranean nutrition.

Recent nutrition studies, have proven that olive oil prevents oxidation damages that lead to atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, thrombosis, some forms of cancer, cardiovascular and brain diseases, diabetes and degenerative diseases.


Silver has been traditionally used as a means of disinfectant for many years. Ancient Greek sailors used to put silver coins at the bottoms of produce jars in order to preserve food during their trips. Up until the Second World War, Silver Nitrate was used to heal wounds and only recently it was replaced by modern antibiotics such as penicillin.

Recent studies have shown that silver – apart from being an excellent disinfectant and fungicide – it also activates cells and refreshes the skin.

Our new product Extra Virgin Olive with pure edible Silver flakes together, constitute a Youth and Longevity Elixir that should be present in all quality nutrition



Energy 404 kj – 813 Kcal | Total fat 92g of which: Saturated Fat 13g, Polyunsaturated Fat 6g, Monounsaturated Fat 73g. Total Carbohydrated Fat 0g of which: Sugars 0g Protein 0g Salt, 24Κ pure edible gold flakes 0g 0.03g, PRODUCT OF GREECE EL – 40 – 061,
Coop. applies EN ISO 22000 – 2005 Quality Food Safety, Management Systems
Bottling and Packaging is being hand-processed by experienced personnel.
Please store in a cool and dark place